Monday, March 17, 2008

Avril Lavigne Star Tribune interview

here is some of the interview

Question: "Best Damn Thing" came out last April. Do you have any second thoughts about not going on tour right away and keeping fans waiting for almost a year?

Answer: I think it could have gone either way. I think it probably didn't really matter that much. You always have to do promo (promotion). I did promo all of 2007, I had to go to so many different places, including Asia, Europe and South America. I had a lot of places to go, a lot of TV shows to do, and a lot of photo shoots and all that stuff. It has to be done if you want to work a record really hard, and I chose to work this one hard.

Q. What can we expect from your show?

A. The show is going to be very upbeat, and the production will be bigger - dancers on a couple of songs, and LED screens, and I'm going to have checkered flooring. I have a pink sparkle drum kit, a pink piano, flags. Over time, I just learned how I need to be on stage. I'm more confident. It's just more dynamic, brighter and more colorful.

Q. Dancing? I thought you were the anti-Britney and anti-Christina. They do dancing and big production numbers.

A. My songs aren't bubble-gum pop dance songs, and I don't have background dancers on every single song like them. I'm not wearing a headphone microphone on my head. It's a totally different thing. There's dancing on maybe like four songs, and it's not really much dancing. It's very me; it's very kicking and punching and stomping and marching, stuff that I was always doing on stage.

And then it's me playing my guitar, me on the piano, me with my band the entire show, and then at the end (the dancers) come in again, so it's not a lot. And I've been doing it at festivals and stuff like that, so I've actually been doing it for a year now, so it doesn't feel new anymore. But I guess it will be for a lot of people to see. It's not over the top too much. The show is very me, it rocks. It's just the next level.

Q. You recently trademarked your name. Will that translate into any fun products?

A. I'm going to be doing a fragrance and I'm also going to be doing a clothing line. It's a clothing line I wanted to do for about three years. A lot of times what people do is they do a licensing deal, and I didn't want to do that; I wanted to own a company and really be able to be a designer and be creative. And I've finally found someone to partner up with, and I'm very excited about it because I love clothes. I love anything visual. I'm excited to be able to focus on something else creatively. I love music. By the time I get off tour, I think it will be me doing music straight for seven years, so I look forward to something new to put my energy into, and to take a little break, even though I'll still be writing. I'll never stop.

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