Saturday, December 29, 2007

Colbie Caillat CO-ED magazine interview


Tell us about your rise to fame.

“A year and a half ago my good friend made me a MySpace page. He uploaded a few of my songs and I would start to get friend requests and more plays everyday. It slowly started to grow, my friends would hear it add it to their page, then their friends would add it to their page and it spread outward. It was really cool because at that point I was able to respond to every one of my fans who would write me messages saying for example, ‘Oh my gosh your song means so much to me, its helping me through this relationship or there are things going on in my life and I put on your songs when I get home from work and it makes me feel better,’ and it’s very cool because I could get an actual reaction to the songs and see if people liked them or not.”

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