Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fergie's "I love You" Magazine Interview

Fergie, soon has decided to present herself in a new special line actress in the musical ‘Nine’. In an exclusive interview for iLOVEYOU magazine, Stacy Ferguson talks about her new project, and also, how Sting has teached her to meditate and how much she’s in love with her fiancé Josh!

Stacy, congratulations for your cast in the musical!
Oh, thank you very much! I’m so exited. Even if I play a prostitute.

A Prostitute?
Yes, called Saraghina. She works on the beach. Really, I can’t wait to start filming. I hope, I wont look too clumsy in this role. (laughing)

So what if you look clumsy?
In this musical there are so many great actresses: Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson. And I am just a singer.

Do The Black Eyed Peas support you?, Taboo and Apl De Ap are happy for me. Absolutely, I’ll say. Really, because I’ve just noticed, that they didn’t get angry that I didn’t go on this summer’s tour with them. Now the musical is more important for me.

In the future you’ll give most of your attention to the music or the acting?
Honestly? I don’t know. There are so many things, which I could do - singing, acting, design clothes and accessories. Every time I want to do different things.

Tell us something about The Black Eyed Peas’s new album. When are you getting together for realizing it?
We’re now working on it, it will be our first CD after 2005’s ‘Monkey Business’ release. I promise you absolutely different sound. There’s noting to do with the other albums. It is going out at the end of this year, so don’t miss it!

You’re the only girl in the group. Are the boys listening to you?
No! (laughing) But we are very close each other, and for the last years we became good friends. Now I feel so happy that I enjoyed the band. I had doubts, but the guys are respecting me and always supporting me. We have a great relationship. At the beginning, they didn’t like me at all. Just because they didn’t want a girl in the band. At those years they had the vision that The Black Eyed Peas is only men team. At this reason I used to cry behind the scenes at our first performances. But I got it over and now I feel stronger then ever.

Don’t you think about recording another solo album?
Soon came out the re-release of ‘The Dutchess’ in which I included four new songs: one of them is the one I recorded with Nelly. It was great to work with him; I want to continue our collaboration. I still have some ideas. Nelly – great artist. He has so much energy, like me.

Well, you realised a handbag collection for Kipling, you were M.A.C.’s spokeswoman and you were a model for Candies’s . Oh! What are you doing now?
Shoes! In one word! I’ve just started designing a new line shoes with the Brown Shoes company. All the models will be amazing. But the gladiator sandals must beat all records. I hope the people will like them. I put in hole my soul. For me, it’s all a creation, not just money project.

You have so many projects! I can’t imagine how much money you earn. For what you are spending them?
I’ll say just one word – clothes! I am an absolute shopping maniac and I’m buying myself just tones of different stuff. I know sometimes, it is too much. This is my weak point. It is true that now I get lot of my clothes for free. And, thanks God, this is one of the positive things being a celebrity. It would be little selfishly if I got all of them for me, so sometimes I give them to my family and to my friends. Besides, me and the band are regularly enjoying charity ads.

How do you cope with all that stress? Are there any periods when everything is getting unbearably?
Yes, often, it’s like that. My projects could suck out all my forces. But, anyway, work is the way to get me powered. This keeps me going, you know? To reduce the pressure, I meditate. I was teached on this by Sting, with who we worked together on ‘Monkey Business’ album. In his own castle in England, where we live for a while. He told me the secrets of meditation which I’m still practising. It helps for keeping soul balance.

Tell us something about your fiancé, actor Josh Duhamel. While time ago, you got engaged. This is really great – are you ready for the wedding?
Good question! I even haven’t started planning yet, because most if the time I’m working on the musical and the new album. While time ago, I read in one magazine that with Josh, we have fixed the date for the wedding for the next summer. Then I said ‘Hmm, why not?’

So, the date is not fixed yet?
No, unfortunately not.

We want to know if you already choose your wedding dress?
May be…But don’t expect from me to be in white. Everyone knows I’m crazy, so may be, I’ll be in black. Or in red. Or in purple like it’s modern now.

What attracts you most in Josh?
Oh, my prince, my only one. It’s difficult to explain, but I feel it in my heart. Our relationship – the most beautiful and elevated of all that I’ve had. And I’ve had a lot. I’m glad these days have come. Josh balanced me emotionally and physically. When I’m with him, I don’t care about the fame. I just can be myself, and this is wonderful.

After the wedding are you planning have babies?
Every week I read in newspapers that I’m already pregnant. It is really funny. I’m serious, I’m not planning anything earlier. Me and Josh do want to have children. I’m now 33, and I don’t want to wait more eight or ten years, and then bear my first child.

Will you leave the stage if there is a child?
No, don’t say it. Honestly, I won’t leave the stage, that’s for sure. In this way, I’m all over Madonna. She has wonderful children and great career. She’s my idol. Me too, I’ll try to match the one with the other. But I love my job too much to be so easy to break up with it.


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